"The Distancer" 3D printable device for reducing contamination 1

The “Distancer”


Innovation can be simple yet effective. 3DLP and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Innovation Hub have designed and made 3D printable a device using an Anti-microbial material (Copper3D) to hold ID passes and to enable  personnel to safely pass through doors.

A hospital based medical professional in their daily movements can pass through over 100 doors. Each door or ID access point can be a potential source of viral or bacterial contamination. Covid-19 has been observed to survive on hard surfaces for between 4 hours and 5 days.

  • Robust and durable
  • Can be wiped with sanitiser
  • Can hang off a keychain or lanyard
  • Slide insert for the users electronic ID card
  • Visible for staff identification
  • Handle to enable the user to not touch the actual card
  • Hook to enable the user to open a door
  • Flat end for pushing

Please contact us if you wish assistance in manufacturing. We are moving quickly towards having the ability to mass manufacture this device at low cost, in volume and to send anywhere in the world.

For every one purchased 3D LifePrints will donate one to a UK NHS Frontline resource!

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The file is free to download with terms and conditions