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Medical modelling lies at the heart of any medical 3D printing service. The majority of 3D LifePrints’ products have their origin in patient data and the accurate extraction and segmentation of the data is paramount to providing models and devices that are fit for their purpose. 3D LifePrints uses a variety of leading commercial medical segmentation software applications and can offer your organisation virtual modelling services as well as 3D CAD design.

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The use of 3D technologies in the dental market is set to rise to become a $3.1 billion industry by 2020. Both dentists and patients save money, and dental and orthopedic services are faster and more accurate. We offer medical dental archiving services in the UK. Using top of the range 3D scanners, we are able to digitally record patient impressions in a number of orientations and store in a 3D printable format for future use. This allows the client to reduce physical storage costs well as retrieval times. Other applications of 3D printing in dentistry include areas such as General Dentistry e.g. crowns, Oral Surgery e.g. dentures, Orthodontics e.g. development of appliance, Cosmetic Surgery such as caps.

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3DLP has a great deal of experience in Prosthetics & Orthotics, and can provide a variety of 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics for upper body, lower body, cosmetic covers and enhancements to existing devices.

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3D LifePrints is working a leading London based NHS hospital to provide 3D printed facial burn masks to assist patients.Using the advanced 3DMD scanning system, a 3D model is captured of the affected area. 3D LifePrint’s engineers work with the surgeon to further customise the model before 3D printing. The masks are then printed in a bio-compatible transparent material, and medical silicon is added to the mask before patient fitting.

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3DLifePrints is able to design, prototype and supply a range of customised medical devicesto meet your exact requirements. In some cases the devices may be patient specific and created from scan data, in others the device can be generic. Recent projects have included a wearable device to house a sensor (pictured) and an ophthalmic device for sampling eye fluid.

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3DLP offers 3D printed surgical simulation modelsthat can be used to enhance your robotic surgical planning and training programs

  • Can be used to optimise operator skills in docking and configuring port sites / arm placements, manipulation with end point instruments and needle control or for enhancing laparoscopic skills for grasping, cutting, blunt & sharp dissection, approximation, ligation, electrocautery and suturing
  • All models can be based on actual MR/CT patient data to match shape, size and pathologies to practice prior to the procedure