The "Distancer"

3DLP and Alder Hey NHS have designed a simple yet effective device to hold electronic ID passes that allows people to safely pass through doors in hospitals and buildings to reduce contamination.

Embedded 3D Printing
Medical Hubs - Point of Care

At 3D LifePrints we believe one of the best ways for your organisation to benefit from 3D technologies is via an in-housed 3D LifePrints managed service. We can offer a variety of cost-effective packages to meet your budgets, where we will provide on-site state-of-the-art 3D printers, highly qualified bio-medical engineers, clinicians, 3D experts and medical software systems.

Cranio-maxillofacial Implants & Guides

3D planning, surgical guides and patient-specific implants are increasingly being used in CMF surgery with published benefits showing that their use reduces operative time and the need for further revision surgery, reduces complications and improves surgical outcomes. We offer patient specific 3D printed implants & guides for a variety of CMF procedures.

3D Printed Patient Specific Anatomical Models

Patient specific 3D printed anatomical models are used by surgeons for pre and intra surgical assessment, planning & simulation. Being able to visualise the anatomical region of interest in a physical 3D printed form enhances planning and decrease the amount of time in theatre, helps with patient communications and overall improves patient outcomes.

Surgical Simulation

3D printing enables the rapid creation of a range of anatomical models that are ideal for Surgical Simulations. Anatomical models are made to order from patient specific scans, created in a variety of materials . The use of anatomical models for high fidelity surgical simulations is on the rise due to strict animal protection laws and barriers in using cadaveric anatomical models avoid any such issues.

3D Design & Segmentation

Medical modelling lies at the heart of any medical 3D printing service. We can accurately extract and segment patient data to provide you with personalised 3D models for your planning and analysis, as well as advanced 3D CAD design services for medical device prototyping.

3D Printed Prosthetics & Orthotics

3D LifePrints designs and manufactures a variety of 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics such as the "LifeArm” - a functional below elbow prosthetic device. It was developed over a period of 3 years by a consortium of international and local engineers, medical clinicians and prosthetic fitters, and field tested in developing countries such as Kenya.

Orthopaedic Simulation Solutions

We can prototype implant solutions and surgical guides to allow you to evaluate implant variants for sizing on patient specific anatomical models in a bone like material. We can also design & manufacture patient specific sterilisable surgical guides. These services can be augmented by our 3D printing of metal surgical tools.

3D Models for Robotic Surgery

We offer 3D printed surgical simulation models that can be used to enhance your robotic surgical planning and training programs: e.g. optimise operator skills in docking and configuring port sites or for enhancing laparoscopic skills for grasping. All models can be based on actual MR/CT patient data to match shape, size and pathologies to practice prior to the procedure.

Medical Devices

3D LifePrints is able to design, prototype and supply a range of customised medical devices to meet your exact requirements. In some cases the devices may be patient specific and created from scan data, in others the device can be generic. Recent projects have included a wearable device to house a sensor (pictured) and an ophthalmic device for sampling eye fluid. We can also provide devices to assist you with your Verification & Validation activities.

3D Printed Phantoms

The continuing evolution of 3D printing technologies has provided the ability to manufacture reproducible and sophisticated 3D printed biomedical phantom models that accurately recreate areas of human anatomy and mimic human tissue. These models are used by clinicians to enhance the surgical planning process. Here a 3D printed liver phantom is being used to calculate optimal dosimetry values for patients.

3D Training Solutions

3D printed training products and services solutions can be tailored to meet your needs such as medical segmentation training courses, realistic skin like suture trainers, or a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy trainer.

3D for Dentistry

We offer medical dental archiving services in the UK. Using top of the range 3D scanners, we are able to digitally record patient impressions in a number of orientations and store in a 3D printable format for future use. Other applications of 3D printing in dentistry include General Dentistry e.g. crowns, Oral Surgery e.g. dentures, Orthodontics and Cosmetic Surgery.

3D Printed
Burn Masks

Facial burns can create serious scar problems resulting in permanent disfigurement. The conventional methods of producing transparent face masks for scar control remains complex and require dexterous skills of experienced clinician and patients’ compliance during fitting. 3D technologies can offer a more effective alternative using a combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing of personalised face masks using bio-compatible materials.

3D LifePrints began it's journey as a Social Enterprise in East Africa. Working with our partners such as the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross we have developed a number of solutions to help those in need in Developing countries that includes Prosthetics and Mine Risk Education Solutions.

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