3D Printed Upper Body Functional Prosthetics

3D LifePrints “LifeArm” is a functional 3D printed below elbow prosthetic device.

It has been developed over a period of 3 years by a consortium of international and local engineers, medical clinicians and prosthetic fitters, and field tested in developing countries such as Kenya and Cambodia.

It is entirely designed to be fit for purpose for amputees in the developing nations where it will be manufactured and used in challenging environmental conditions.

The 3D print material for the prosthetic is made in-house at 3D LifePrints and has many advantageous properties such as enhanced resistance to hydrolysis, superior resistance to microbiological attack, UV resistance and with custom skin colour matching.

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3D Printed Prosthesis Covers

3D LifePrints uses 3D scanning technologies combined with 3D printing to create customised lower body prosthesis covers. Either by scanning the patients remaining limb or using one of our off the shelf offerings, a highly customised, colour matched and durable male or female covers, for both adults and children, that will enable them to feel more comfortable with their prosthesis.

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Mine Risk Education 3D Printed Products

3D LifePrints has developed innovative new ways in providing effective products for Mine Risk Education programs.  By using 3D scanning and printing technologies, both off-site and in the country of interest, 3D LifePrints is able to replicate almost any type of Anti-personnel land mines, Anti-tank land mines, Sub-munitions & Ordnance. These are currently being used by organisations such as the UN the US Navy and DoD, and the Red Cross in locations that include: Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, CAR, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Turkey, Syria, UAE, Italy, UK and the USA.

These can be manufactured, in-country if required, in a range of durable plastics, customised to the clients requirements, and suitable for use in challenging environmental conditions. These can be 100% realistic in terms of size, colour and weight. Ground-penetrating Radar surrogates can be provided. Cut-away designs can also be offered.

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