3D LifePrints began its journey as a Social Enterprise in Kenya in 2013, when the Founders saw an opportunity to use emerging 3D Printing technologies in order to create low cost prosthetics for developing world amputees (Watch our very first crowdfunding video HERE).

Over the next 2 years we started to understand and gain experience with a variety of 3D printers and materials, and one of our first products created was the LifeArm

We were then asked by Panasonic to setup up a first-of-a-kind medical 3D Printing Innovation department at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the UK.

Our motivation for providing Humanitarian assistance is still at the roots of 3D LifePrints

Personalised Manufacturing:

3D printing is revolutionising healthcare. Clinicians are no longer limited to generic devices as each product can be manufactured to the particular specification of each patient.

Personalised healthcare demands personalised manufacturing.

The Company:

3D LifePrints is a 3D technology company that provides innovative solutions in emerging and expanding markets. 3D LifePrints primary purpose is to supply medical 3D printing products & services to the medical sector including the NHS, private hospitals, universities and medical training centres.


3D LifePrints operates from Hubs. Each Hub acts as a design base, sales portal, delivery network and manufacturing base. Hubs have the additional benefit of fostering innovation and  identifying new applications of 3D printing to better assist clinical care and research.


3D LifePrints’ humanitarian projects include the supply of 3D printed prosthetics in developing nations. It has developed a low cost, functional upper body prosthetic known as the LifeArm. 3D LifePrints’ partners with NGOs and Corporations such as the UN,  ICRC and Handicap International to run programmes which supply these prosthetics where they are needed the most.