Video Gallery 1

3D Printing Supporting Complex Surgery

Training The Next Generation with 3D printing

Tuning Patient Data Into A 3D Model

Choosing The Right Filament For The Job

Embedding 3D Printing Hubs In Hospitals

Showcase by the UK Government DIT

3D Printed Percutaneous Endoscopic Procedure

Simulated Ventriculostomy (EVD) On 3D model

Timelapse of Laproscopic Ovarian Cyst Removal

UK Minister discussing 3D LifePrints products at Arab Health

3D Printed Blood Volume Review at Alder Hey Hospital

3D Printed Silicone Stomach Trainer

3D LifePrints CEO and clinicians at Alder Hey Discussing 3D Printing

Anthony Sheehan at UK Govt Entreprenurial dept on 3D LifePrints

Socket Design Workflow

3D Printed Silicon Kidney Dissection with Alder Hey surgeon

BBC HealthCheck on 3D LifePrints Prosthetics for developing nations

3D LifePrints 3D Printed Prosthetic