Paul Fotheringham 1

Paul Fotheringham

Founder & CTO

Experienced Entrepreneur & Technologist from the Corporate sector, Paul is an expert in 3D technologies & regular keynote speaker & author

Henry Pinchbeck 2

Henry Pinchbeck

Co-Founder & CEO

Formerly a City of London based lawyer, Henry is an experienced Businessman and Entrepreneur

Peter Ellingworth 3

Peter Ellingworth

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

CEO of the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) & sits on the Secretary of State led Life Sciences Council

Andrew Douglas 4

Andrew Douglas

Non-Executive Director

Businessman & Managing Director and principal shareholder of Fenwall Investments. Andrew holds a PhD from the University of Liverpool.

Dr. Iain Hennessey 5

Dr. Iain Hennessey

Clinical Advisor

Consultant paediatric surgeon and Clinical Director of Innovation at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool

Dr. Rafael Guerrero 6

Dr. Rafael Guerrero

Clinical Advisor

Director Heart Unit, Chief of Congenital Cardiac Surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Dr. Will Bolton 7

Dr. Will Bolton

Medical Advisor

Doctor and NHS Clinical Research Fellow in Global Health Research and Surgical Technologies

Michael Richard 8

Michael Richard

Head of Engineering

A seasoned expert in all aspects of 3D technologies, printing and engineering

Nick Turner 9

Nick Turner

Wrightington Engineering Lead

Nick is a highly experienced bio-medical engineer with a particular focus on 3D modelling and orthopedics

Dr. David Collins 10

Dr. David Collins

Alder Hey Engineering Lead

David holds a Phd from the University of Liverpool, with a particular focus on muscleskeletal systems

Camille Ribolzi 11

Camille Ribolzi

Head of Cranio-maxillofacial

Camille is a seasoned bio-medical engineer, having worked for large corporates with a focus on CMF implant and guides design

Lisa Ferrie 12

Lisa Ferrie

Bio-Medical Engineer

Lisa is a highly experienced bio-medical engineer with a particular focus on general anatomy and simulation

Paul Roberts 13

Paul Roberts

Project & Business Development Manager

Paul manages the UK operations for 3DLP from a business development, project management and marketing perspective

Bella Richard 14

Bella Richard

Head of Office Management

Bella oversees all functions related to finance, accountancy, logistics and office management

Dr. Daniel Bryant 15

Dr. Daniel Bryant

Materials Expert

Daniel holds a Phd from Imperial College in Materials Science and has started a number of successful Start-ups

Dr.Ash Pursglove 16

Dr.Ash Pursglove

Materials Scientist

Experienced chemist and materials scientist, Ashley currently juggles both complex research work and running his Startup, Murex3D