Every Surgeon should have access to personalized surgery and patient specific devices.

At 3D LifePrints, our team of highly qualified bio-medical engineers can design, plan and manufacture a variety of medical devices either at the Point of Care or remotely through our unique Digital Platform, “EmbedMed”(TM). Powered by AI with VR/AR capabilities.

Our flagship products and services cover all surgical disciplines and include orthopedic / oncology surgical guides and models, cranio-maxillofacial guides and 3D printed titanium implants.

We are ISO 13485 certified for the design and manufacturing of patient specific sterilizable surgical guides, implants and anatomical models. Our certified Hubs include: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital NHS, Wrightington Orthopedic NHS, Leeds General Infirmary NHS, Nuffield Orthopedic NHS and the Texas Medical Center.

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