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Improving Lives with 3D Technology


Providing 3D technology solutions for the medical sector


3D Printing for Research & Education


Using 3D technologies for Humanitarian projects

3D printed heart

Medical Solutions

3D LifePrints provides medical 3D printing manufacturing and service capabilities for key UK NHS hospitals & academic institutions where they partner with clinicians, healthcare providers and academics to identify new applications of 3D technologies and provide a variety of innovative 3D printed products in order to reduce operational costs and enhance patient care.

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3D printed ankle with complex fracture

Research & Educational Solutions

3D LifePrints works with a range of academic and research institutions providing 3D technologies services with a wide variety of educational products, often on long term research projects.

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3D printed prosthetic

Humanitarian Solutions

3D LifePrints utilises 3D technologies in order to provide a range of products and services for humanitarian purposes. Their main focus is to provide 3D printed prosthetics & orthotics for Developing nation purposes alongside the provision of in-country sustainable operational frameworks and the provision of 3D printed products for countries affected by conflict.

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