3D LifePrints is an ISO 13485 certified medical 3D printing and technology organisation that uses 3D technologies to provide innovative solutions across the globe to the medical sector. Our primary focus is to supply a wide range of 3D printed medical devices, products and services to medical organisations including the UK’s NHS, private hospitals, research institutions & universities, medical device manufacturers and medical training centres.

We operate a unique operating model where we provide Point of Care services and embed bio-medical engineers and advanced 3D technologies in Hubs within medical institutions that allows us to provide agile delivery to the host institution and other nearby medical entities.

Our current key NHS Hubs include: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford, Wrightington Hospital in Manchester and Leeds General Infirmary.

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Embedded 3D Printing
Medical Hubs - Point of Care

At 3D LifePrints we believe one of the best ways for your organisation to benefit from 3D technologies is via an in-housed 3D LifePrints managed service. We can offer a variety of cost-effective packages to meet your budgets, where we will provide on-site state-of-the-art 3D printers, highly qualified bio-medical engineers, clinicians, 3D experts and medical software systems.

Cranio-maxillofacial Implants & Guides

3D planning, surgical guides and patient-specific implants are increasingly being used in CMF surgery with published benefits showing that their use reduces operative time and the need for further revision surgery, reduces complications and improves surgical outcomes. We offer patient specific 3D printed implants & guides for a variety of CMF procedures.

Orthopaedic Simulation Solutions

We can prototype implant solutions and surgical guides to allow you to evaluate implant variants for sizing on patient specific anatomical models in a bone like material. We can also design & manufacture patient specific sterilisable surgical guides. These services can be augmented by our 3D printing of metal surgical tools.

3D Printed Patient Specific Anatomical Models

Patient specific 3D printed anatomical models are used by surgeons for pre and intra surgical assessment, planning & simulation. Being able to visualise the anatomical region of interest in a physical 3D printed form enhances planning and decrease the amount of time in theatre, helps with patient communications and overall improves patient outcomes.

Surgical Simulation

3D printing enables the rapid creation of a range of anatomical models that are ideal for Surgical Simulations. Anatomical models are made to order from patient specific scans, created in a variety of materials . The use of anatomical models for high fidelity surgical simulations is on the rise due to strict animal protection laws and barriers in using cadaveric anatomical models avoid any such issues.

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3D LifePrints is an ISO 13485 certified company for the design and manufacturing of patient-specific sterilisable Surgical Guides and Anatomical Models.