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13DLifePrints (3DLP) are an SME that focuses on bringing 3D technologies to the medical industry. One of our main focuses is the provision of 3D printed anatomical models for surgeons to aid in their decision making processes. We currently have embedded 3D print hub facilities within Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.


Pre-Surgical Assessment & Planning.


32Prior to an operation a surgeon needs to uncover as much detail as possible about the afflicted area. They will generally order a CT or MR scan, and by examining the scans with the help of a radiologist they will determine the next steps required to deal with the patient. Provided that the DICOM data is sufficient, we can print the area of interest and put a 3D model of it into the surgeon’s hand so that he does not have to interpret the scans on a screen.


Educational Aids for Medical Students and Trainee Nurses.


453D printed models can aid learning by providing low cost, specific and hard wearing examples of either healthy or damaged anatomical structures which can be handled by a student.


Improving Doctor-Patient Communications.


7 6Explaining the extent of an issue to a patient is difficult, and often doctors don’t have the right tools to deal with this situation. A patient specific 3D print will allowdoctors to better convey the nature and complexity of the issues to their patients.