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About Us.


3D LifePrints is working with NHS surgeons, practising in the fields of Cardiothoracic surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic, Trauma, Oncology, Respiratory & Urology. Here at 3D LifePrints, our primary aims are:

    • The provision of 3D printed anatomical models created using advanced imaging resonance systems as tools for pre-surgical assessment and planning
    • The provision of 3D printed anatomical models for improving doctor-patient communications
    • The provision of 3D printed anatomical models for educational purposes in medical training institutions


The recent and significant advances in 3D printing technologies have started to revolutionise the medical industry globally, with an ever-increasing range of applications such as 3D printed implants, 3D printed tissue engineering and the use of 3D printed anatomical models for planning and education. The benefits of 3D printing have become increasingly clear in that lives are being saved, patient’s health is improving, and medical operating costs are being lowered. 3D LifePrints (3DLP) focuses on providing bespoke 3D printed anatomical models to the medical industry. These 3D models, created from MRI and CT scans, are helping clinicians plan better, minimise invasive surgery, shorten anaesthetic times and decrease rehabilitation times.

3D LifePrints, headquartered in London, is currently 3D printing medical models in an intensive study with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, one of the world’s largest institutions of its type. We have 3D printing and manufacturing facilities embedded in the Alder Hey Innovation hub, a technology focused, custom built facility, which forms part of their forthcoming £500M move to new hospital facilities. This is being run in conjunction with leading medical devices providers.

“But unfortunately, as with all 2-D pictures, it was insufficient to further my understanding. I prefer something more concrete, real and kinaesthetic which is why I like clinical examination and neuroanatomical dissections.”

— Dr Ram Kumar – Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital