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Products & Services.


We are building a comprehensive framework for to aid with ongoing research and development, manufacturing, providing prosthetics and collecting meaningful data



3D Print Manufacturing.


3D Products and accessories include:

    • A 3D Scanned model of a clients arm which is subsequently 3D printed – this can be highly customised including bespoke artwork and used to cover a prosthetic and provide greater aesthetics
    • A highly customised and 3D printed Arm and hand combination, applicable to both above elbow and below elbow amputees
    • A highly customised and 3D Printed functional hand that is durable, cheap, comfortable, cool, and easy to maintain and clean
    • A skin colour customised glove based on 3D scans
    • A 3D Scanned model of a clients leg which is then subsequently 3D printed – this can be highly customised including bespoke artwork and used to cover a prosthetic and provide greater aesthetics
    • Coming soon, a highly customised 3D printed leg socket suitable for fixings to 3D LifePrint’s preferred leg box set
    • A 3D Scanned model of a clients foot which is then subsequently 3D printed in either rigid or flexible materials


3D Life Prints is also exploring other medical areas that could benefit from 3D printing such as 3D printing of facial prosthetics, kidney and liver models for surgeons and false eyes

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3D Scanning Services.


Using low cost mobile 3D scanners, we have the ability to scan any part of the body and modify it using 3D modelling technology. This is used to create customizable prostheses and covers.

The 3D scanners can also be used for a variety of non medical reasons, for example as a prelude to 3D printing novelty items or clones of existing products.

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Leg Box Set.


3D LifePrints, in conjunction with LIMBS International, is able to provide a low cost, best of breed leg box set. The set is available anywhere in the world and can be fitted easily with existing leg socket manufacturing techniques. The set includes the following:

    • Compatibility with both above and below knee amputee’s
    • All adapters and leg pylons
    • World class Knee joint
    • Dynamic response


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Mobile Data Collection.


3D LifePrints has developed a mobile medical Data collection tool and back end system.

This system can be used by any medical provider in order to collect client data using a wide variety of technology mediums such as PC’s, laptops, Android and Apple smartphones. The data is stored securely in in Enterprise level Cloud data repository and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Data that can be collected includes:

    • 3D Body Scans
    • Biometrics
    • Patient individual data
    • Geo location information
    • Information for Points Out Of Poverty Index criteria


Once in the data repository, there is a sophisticated array of data mining and reporting tools available

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Follow Up.


3D Life Prints is committed to ensuring that any products and services provided by the orgamisations are provided in a sustainable approach, and that products are given a high level of support should the need arise for warranty type services

Once a client has been fitted with a prosthetic device, there will be frequent interactions with the client to gather feedback and ensure the products and services meet their requirements. This will be done over a variety of methods – one on one, in focus groups, disability help forums and through 3D Life Print’s SMS communication system.

In the future 3D Life Prints will have the ability to provide mobile medical clinics.

Using SMS based tools, 3D Life Prints can gather data from clients easily and follow up to maximize post fitting care.

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