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3D LifePrints at DXD2015


Nairobi’s disruptive designers are being called to submit their bodies of work in order to compete for the Disruption by Design (DXD) awards that will be held in November 2015.

The call for submissions was announced at the DXD event on the 19th of February at the Zing Bar in the dusitD2 hotel at 14 Riverside.

UP Magazine Director Rand Pearson kicked off the ceremony with a call to recognise how disruptive thinking is changing the way we interact with our city for the better.

“We are here to celebrate the ones who have dared to envision something smart and cool that makes a difference,”

The DXD event was the first of a series of monthly get-togethers which will aim to highlight more Nairobian disruptors.

3D LifePrints was invited participate in the event & set up a live print which ran throughout the show.

in Action @DXD2015