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3D LifePrints.



Our Mission.


    • To seek out those in need of medical prosthetics, focusing on developing nations, and to provide them with options for a range of affordable, functional, durable, mechanically simple, aesthetically pleasing and highly customised products, utilising 3D printing and mobile 3D scanning technologies wherever possible
    • To assist amputee’s in being able to lead a normal as life as possible, by providing products that fit their lifestyles, being a source of information on prosthetics and related healthcare institutions, and facilitating easier access to primary medical health care services.
    • To use technology as an enabler to improve upon existing prosthetic designs, lower production costs and improve upon manufacturing times
    • To be a centre of excellence for facilitating ongoing design of medical prosthetics, both 3D printed and best of breed/low cost technologies, and manufacturing techniques in the major hub across developing countries
    • To provide local medical service providers with access to an electronic Cloud based medical data mobile collection tool and data repository
    • To create a sustainable operational framework that will enable the organisation to provide outstanding post medical care with every client



What’s New & Coming Up.


    • Recently 3D LifePrints were invited to show some of their designs at the launch of the Design by Disruption show in Nairobi, Kenya.
    • 3D LifePrints completed their pilot program with PCEA Kikuyu hospital in Kenya. Having fitting 3D printed hands and leg box sets onto patients.
    • The 3D LifePrints management team will be making trips to Afghanistan and Myanmar to work with UNMAS and TDI.
    • 3D LifePrints travelled to Sudan to network with local hospitals and mine action work in Juba
    • 3D LifePrints currently has people on the ground in Malawi, recently in the news for being the poorest country in the world by per capita income ($246 USD), and have been building relationships with orthopaedic hospitals.
    • 3D LifePrints held their inaugural meeting in Nairobi with a number of amputee’s as a base for starting up support groups.
    • 3D LifePrints has set up a 3D Printing lab in the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. 3D Printing of medical imaging is ongoing.